Why should educational facilities be powered by expensive, dirty energy when it is less expensive to use clean power? We envision a future where all of our local facilities are powered by clean energy from the sun. Two things are needed to help accelerate this transition: knowledge and capital. Bright Minds Solar was created to provide both. Using our solar system design and finance expertise, we can help you make the optimal choice regarding your energy future. We also offer turnkey solutions for financing and installation if that is the best option for you.

Your facility can save a great deal of money by purchasing a solar system outright, but there are several major advantages of the Bright Minds Solar approach:

  • Installation of a solar system can be very expensive. At the very least it presents a large fundraising challenge, which can be a drain on staff time. Even worse, a huge investment upfront can reduce the ability of an organization to fund its education programs.
  • Non-profits are not able to use the federal tax credit, which is available to outside investors who can reduce their own tax burdens. By taking advantage of the federal tax credit on solar systems, Bright Minds can structure financing such that the educational non-profit will save more money over the life of the system than they would if they were to purchase the system themselves.
  • Bright Minds provides expertise in solar system design, installation and cost analysis, so we can choose local subcontractors who provide the best value and reliability for your system, ensuring that your organization maximizes it’s savings over the long term.